Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We do a lot of laughing at our house. Even so, there is not so much joke telling. My kids are still fairly young and haven't quite grasped the nuance of jokes, so mostly we tell knock-knock jokes.
My favorite one goes like this:
A: Who's there?
Q:Impatient cow.
A:Impat... Before the question can be finished, the asker yells MOO!

When you are in process to adopt a child, many character traits (flaws) come to light. I never realized I was a control freak until I compiled my first dossier. So very many forms, such very specific wording, such exact procedures. Who knew I was Type-A? Not hard core Type-A. More like a lazy... no, selective Type-A. Only when it really matters. When I have to be. Then, watch out!
I become even more impatient (MOO). With imperfection, I lose perspective (MOO) and compassion (MOO). I forget about the infinite grace that God has extended to me and I have none (MOO) for anyone else.
Guess what God is refining out of me?
That's right.
I am the impatient cow.

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Matthew and Amanda said...

Another cow here! I hate it when God is working on my patience! That must be why he uses EVERY opportunity to do so!

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