Friday, July 10, 2009

The least I can do

I have been struck. It has hit me hard. I pray this hits you too, and I hope it hits you in a place you can't ignore.

Clearly it is on my mind and heart what we should be doing as Christ's hands and feet, and while I don't think that adopting a child is the ultimate thing a person can do for orphans, I realize I have been writing about it that way. Like if you aren't "called" to adopt a child, you could pray for the orphans, or financially support someone who is adopting, or offer your time babysitting for someone who has. While those things are true and accurate supportive rolls that someone could and should fill in order to help take care of orphans, adoption is not the ultimate in meeting this need. There are still millions of orphans who need care across this country and around the world. Orphanages need funds and food and workers even after the one orphan is placed in a home. IT NEVER ENDS!
I have written A LOT about bringing it down to one, and that needs to be done in order to begin meeting needs, but it has finally occurred to me, IT'S THE LEAST WE CAN DO!!!

So in all of these posts, it turns out that I have been asking you to find out what is the least you can do and urged you to begin doing it.
That is only step one.
Because you know what? it doesn't stop there.
One step is not enough.
It will never be enough.
Once you have done the least, it is no longer a stretch for you and is now inside your comfort zone. You must go further to get outside your comfort zone in order to define the least you can do.
In this way, "the least you can do" becomes greater and greater, and beyond anything you ever asked or imagined.
What once seemed extraordinary will become commonplace.

Adopting children doesn't seem like any giant sacrifice. I don't feel like I have done anything special. In fact, it is amazing to me that the job I do for Christ means I get to be some one's mom. Inside this job is something I get.

Adoption has become the least I can do.

I can't wait to find out what I get to do next.

Ephesians 4:1
...I urge you who have been chosen by God to live up to the life to which God called you.

What seemingly amazing thing will become the least you can do?

Don't you want to find out?

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Our journey following Christ said...

Traci, well said! I love reading your perspective and what you are learning from scripture.

Keep sharing it.

If just one person listens...

Your friend,