Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paying for Pickets

Hi friends.
As you know, I am in charge of events and fundraising for Project Hopeful. Gear up for our first event. It is happening right now.
Here goes...

I am on my knees begging you to help us with my new promotion "Paying for pickets".

"Paying for pickets" involves you going to http://www.projecthopeful.org/ and donating money using the DONATE button and specifying "village". or going to the site and buying something from our store and specifying "village". The bottom line is, we need $4,400 to pay for a fence to go around the acreage we have been given for Covenant Village. We must establish ownership of this property now, and the best way to do this is to put a fence around it. it will cost $4,400. I think that is quite a bargain for a fence. We have all paid a lot more to fence a lot less here in the states.

Here is Project Hopeful's vision for the property:

A VISION to care of Orphans and widows/woman infected with HIV. Holistic care including; Specialized medical clinic, psychosocial care, education, spiritual needs and housing in a self-sustaining atmosphere. Focusing on the needs of the community, integrating the Covenant Village purpose into the community through sponsorships and relief efforts, with the first goal to maintain families and eliminate the need for woman to relinquish their children for reasons that can be alleviated.

ALMOST HOMES• Family like settings (cottages) for 5-8 children consistently with 2 caregivers. Unlike typical orphanage setting, children will be raised in small family units. Providing for a nurturing atmosphere, with emotional development and care being paramount.• The goal ultimately to place the children in forever adoptive families, after the possibility to keep them with family in country is exhausted.• We will utilize HIV+ widows and HIV+ young women, to care for the children, giving them housing, education and medical care. • Every child shall be paired with Christian family/person in U.S. to advocate and pray and ACT until the child is placed in FOREVER family. (Families In the Gap, FIGS…)

FAITH MONTESSORI SCHOOLING• Hands on learning, crosses language barriers. Originated for underprivileged children. • Encourages self-learning and teaching . • Train women to be certified Montessori teachers and contribute to the village and community.• Excellent and easy to replicate materials and manipulatives. Sturdy and easy to clean and maintain.• Stimulating and fresh atmosphere full of HOPE and KNOWLEDGE.

SELF-SUSTAINING VILLAGE• 6 fresh springs• Clean river• Acres for agriculture, chickens, cows and sheep• Bee keeping • Potential for income and industry Career and skill training• Building materials, for bricks etc. on site. Adequate soil compounds. MEDICAL CLINIC• Specialized clinic within the compound to treat and monitor HIV and related infections.• Available to community to sustain first goal of maintaining original family units.• Consistent health care in a community that otherwise has none.• Aid to prevent passing HIV to unborn by infected mothers, providing means necessary with medication and baby formula to reduce the chance of transmission.

NEW HOPE CHURCH and RELATIONSHIP CENTER• Community outreach respectful and loving to the culture…. living JESUS through love and care of the most vulnerable people in the world today.• FOCUS on THE PURE AND FAULTLESS RELIGION in all facets and seeing it through from beginning to end. Teaching relationship with the LIVING GOD that SEES them KNOWS them and LOVES them. THE TRUE GRACE MESSAGE…. No…really…THE TRUTH OF THE GRACE MESSAGE.• Reducing stigma through the actions of the church, through caring for HIV + orphans and widows without ceasing.• Church building and worship center, community center.• Feeding program• Sponsorship disbursement• Integration and HIV education• Skill and career training• HEALING….HEALING….HEALING and a little more HEALING. Through recognizing the VALUE of ONE at a time.EDUCATING, ENCOURAGING and ENABLING families adopting children with HIV/AIDS. EXPANDING: Creating villages to fulfill His intentions for the orphans and widows, the lonely and the desolate."A FATHER to the FATHERLESS and protector of widows is God in His holy dwelling.God places the lonely IN FAMILIES and gives the desolate A HOME in which to dwell;" Ps 68:5-6




It's done.

Our first event.

Me begging and you giving.

Our events will be much more elaborate in the future, but for our first one, I thought I would go with simplicity.

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